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                                  JUST AIRCRAFT   


planes are priced at bottom dollar no need to play games..........come and get them !!!!!! but if your looking for a just airplane, email me. I usually don't even get to post them.

2016 superstol with 40 hrs tt and a 914 rotax..the plane is in russia but coming here soon..yell for more info.

$ 125,000.00

Rambo is a superstol xl with a 0290 d 135 hp Lycoming, a pure utilty plane weight 860 lbs, 380 hrs, cato prop, ready to go..

go to youtube and type in rambossxl

correction to video it has 26 airstreaks and a air powered charging system.



quicker than quick build kit, covered in yellow oratex, everything is done for you basically except fwf and instruments. I have fwf on hand for Viking and rotax. tailwheel or tri can have flying in a month.. or I can finish for you.