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 Rotax certified, Maintance ,

Repairs, Modifications, and Conditional Inspections.

Escapade , Highlander, Superstol, Superstol XL

Standard kits, quick build kits, and builder assist at our facility or ready to fly built to your specs.



We offer all types of training, from never been in an airplane to having 1000's of hours. We specialize in Just Aircraft models for transition and  test flight prep for your first flight with your new plane. Along with off-field, tailwheel endorsements,  BFR'S. We can train you in your plane or ours. We also do test flights and dial in your new plane as well as fly your 40 hrs off so you can leave the restricted area. We are almost ready to do your sea plane rating also. Give me a call and we can talk about your particular needs.

Our training grounds are like no other. 2200 foot slick grass for your rv, 600 foot STOL strip for  starting out, 300 ft 20 degree slope for novice, and 35 degree 400 ft ( not pictured) for advanced, also our 900 ft water runway is now ready..

                                                                plane fun does aircraft restoration on site for static displays . call for a quote!